06.16.14  /  General

#NotABadLoveStory Thank You And Congrats!

A note from Justin:

Hi guys,  

I want to give a big and heartfelt thanks for everyone who shared their stories of love, watched the video, and liked a favorite #NotABadLoveStory. Because your favorites were so diverse and inspiring each to their own, rather than surprise just one person, I'd like to spread the love as well - so I've specially gifted vinyls, signed by me, to your four favorites. I hope they enjoy them!
I have to say, watching all you fans participate and get inspired by love - and by this song - was not just not a bad thing, but in fact, a very, very, very beautiful thing. Thanks again.  

Congrats to the following Instagrammers below!

P.S. Stay tuned! We're also going to be doing something special with these guys over at TN Kids!