02.11.13  /  General

JT.com Exclusive Limited Edition Pre Order T-Shirts For Sale!!!

Hi guys, we flooded you with good news yesterday, Grammy day - including that you now have the ability to pre-order Justin's upcoming album The 20/20 Experience on iTunes, Target (for the deluxe edition w. two extra tracks), and on Justintimberlake.com.

To coincide with that good news, we also just released an EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED EDITION batch of JustinTimberlake.com t-shirts in honor of the release of The 20/20 Experience, out March 19th. 

Team JT has designed a special line of t-shirts that offers a fun take on the "Suit & Tie" and "20/20" motifs. We've crafted one "Dressed-Up" T-shirt design which mimics a tux - (we figure this is much more comfortable for boys!! And totally fun and sexy for girls!!) And also one design "Dressed Down" that mimics a bowtie, loose and untied (just like Justin sported at his concert last night!) On the back, each t-shirt boasts an iconic eye chart design of Justin's name and the new album on the back. (20/20 = vision - hence the eye chart; get it?!) Both are sexy for both boys and girls and available in either Black or White. They are one-in-a-kind keepsakes that honor a new era in Justin's musical career.

So there you go folks. You heard it hear first. Click on the store below to buy one !!! Limited edition - so only while supplies last !!!