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Review+ Photos: Coachella Weekend 1 : Snoop, Dr De and Tupac, Pulp, Radiohead and More!!!

For those who made it to Coachella weekend one (Justin didn't; but tweeted: "My buddy @brokemogul keeps texting me highlights from Coachella and I'm hating that I didn't make it this year... Anybody else got any..?), they toughed out the unseasonably cold weather to see an impressive line-up, including Radiohead, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and an unbelievably realistic holigram of Tupac. In other words, it was a weekend to remember. Below are some of the responses Justin got, photo highlights, and a video so you too can wittness Tupac as attendees did Sunday night. Enjoy!

Twitter Highlights

Anthipantelidis: The Weeknd was definitely a highlight!! First US performance, no official album out and thousands of people singing along.

@ThiefOfFire @jtimberlake @brokemogul for me it was Death Grips...you've totally have to hear the new album...DMT for the ears. http://soundcloud.com/deathgrips/sets/the-money-store/

Winslow Bright @jtimberlake St. Vincent killed it. I don't know what was better- her guitar playing, singing, or crowd surfing in tune basically upsidown

@TedStryker @jtimberlake @brokemogul The Hives playing the #KROQ Coachella house for 75 people before they played the main stage in front of 75,000

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