05.09.11  /  General

Wired Interviews Andy Samberg About The Internetz

(Photo Courtesy of Wired Mag)

Honestly, imagine the online world without Funnyordie.com, College Humor and wierd viral videos of dancing, singing cats (really people? 13 million + views? geezz...) It'd be a sad, lonely world of random memes, senseless hastags, porn, elderly dating sites, and devilish pop up windows.) To prove this point, Wired Magazine recently interviewed Justin's buddy, Andy Samberg, about how comedy has improved the internetz.....(or vice versa....)



On a similar note, comedy vet Jerry Seinfeld recently launched a revamped site that offers a daily dose of hilarity, straight from his personal archives. Every day, the videos are updated - so while we all may be growing old, at least the videos never do.

P.S. Countdown till SNL's finale!!!! Feat. JT and Andy reunion. MAY 21st. NBC. Be there or beware.

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