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RECAP: Our Favorite Tweets and Video of FreeSol and Justin @ National 901 Day

AHH......It's been almost a full week but we still haven't gotten over our excitement at the success of Sept 1st's First Annual "National 9/01 Day!!!" First off, it was lovely to see people all over the nation celebrated 901 day right - mixing 901 tequila with song, dance, and revelry. (Check out the assortment of tweets below!)

Meanwhile, in the city that never sleeps, NYC, Memphis band and Tennman Records band FreeSol - whose debut album "No Rules" is out this fall - kicked off a now infamous fiesta - performing to a jam-packed house of 901 partiers at Irving Plaza. The crowd was hard to tame, bounding around to FreeSol's tracks - a feverish mix of quick-paced rap lyrics, deviant rock riffs and body-thumping bass. 

Then the kicker. Just when the crowd was amped and ready, Justin joined the stage as a special surprise guest at the event (like he did the night before at his restaurant Southern Hospitality BBQ.) Said Justin to the crowd, " I just wanted to take an opportunity to show you a real band with some real music. " After playing the keys and singing backup vocals for the bands' tracks like "Hoodies On, Hats Low" and a cover of Rage Against the Machine's "Killing In The Name Of", Justin proceeded to unleash a wave of his greatest hits over the crowd, including "Cry Me A River", "Live I Love You", "Dead and Gone." Onlookers screamed, sang along, and gulped down delectable cocktails with disbelief - as the performance climaxed with a cover of Rolling Stones' 'Miss You."

Below are some choice youtube clips to give you a taste of the 901-infused energy in the house that night:

This week, we chatted to lead singer FreeSol about his thoughts on the event and he said: "From the beginning of the show, the energy of the crowd was amazing! We knew people were really there to see Justin but we wanted to make sure they left understanding why he believes in us and hopefully turn them into believers too. I know somebody did....." No worries Free - we think the message came through in blazing colors....

Countdown till the album!!! No Rules indeed!!!!

Want to hear more from Freesol? Check them out on iTunes!!! And Save the date for their album release in October!!!!!

Our Favorite Tweets from the day:

   Happy 901 Day from Tigers getting beat at halftime 34-7 it is now 9:01 PM Central

 1000+ ppl waiting outside but only 500 ppl get in. Thx for the love & support for & =)
We're torn. Should we toast our 142nd anniversary with champagne or with 's 901 Tequila - since it's also ?
I'm glad 901 day was a success. Maybe u could do it again next year holding a contest to find others 2 sponsor in other cities!

900 inland bottles of beer on the wall 901 bottles of beer take 1 down pass it around 901 bottles of beer on the wall ...

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