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In Time Photo Contest Finalist: Dreamy Photographer Caileigh Kyle

We are happy to highlight one more finalist in the In Time's Every Second Counts contest - this time Ontario student, Caileigh Kyle. Caileigh explains below her love for fashion photography and her tricks she used to shoot the spellbinding shot above!
JT.com: Where are you from?

Caileigh: I grew up in Aurora, Ontario (Canada) and am currently going to school in London, Ontario.

JT.com: When did you start shooting photos?

Caileigh:When I was really young I used to love, and often demand, to be the one taking photos at family events. I evolved from taking thousands of photos on vacations to shooting headshot portraits for actors and then to photographing my own concepts. Now, I am passionate about fashion photography and have been published in multiple international independent magazines. These are small steps but I hope to take many more leaps in my photography career.

JT.com: How would you describe your photographic style?

Caileigh:I find this question hard to answer as I’m still developing my style. However, I love creating detailed, thoughtful images with a glamorous and dramatic feel. Fashion and conceptual combined.

JT.com: How did you choose what photo to select?

Caileigh: The title of this photo is “Daydreaming”, and as such, was shot to represent the importance of taking a second to process life, breathe, and imagine all the wonderful things that could be if you set your mind to it. I thought this was really relevant to the theme of the competition. So many people live their lives asleep, never really stopping to think about what they really want or about the effects of their actions. People are always rushing. Life is short, and I think most people would seriously benefit from taking a moment to think about their choices and about what really makes them happy.

JT.com: Where did you shoot that shot?

Caileigh: This is actually shot in my living room while it was under renovations. I thought that the big open windows would be perfect for this shoot. 

JT.com: How did you set the shot up? How did you get the floating affect?

Caileigh: This shot is a composite of multiple photos. I had the model lie on her stomach on a stool and lift her legs up while flipping her hair. While she was practically doing a workout, my sister was flipping the sheet for the effect of movement. I cloned out the stool and my sister in Photoshop, as well as their shadows.

JT.com: Do you shoot a lot of dream sequences?

Caileigh: I enjoy putting together a shoot with a dream-like aesthetic. I try to incorporate a conceptual element into all of my shoots.

JT.com: What was your most challenging shoot (and if you could include the photo) and why? Or what is the shot you are most proud of?

Caileigh: So many of my shoots are challenging in different ways. Some because of cancellations or unanticipated changes, and some were a personal challenge for my abilities as a photographer. I am most proud of my first ever published fashion editorial. It was called "Snow Princess" and published in Bad Wolf Magazine. I styled (for the first time) and photographed this shoot and am really proud of how the photos turned out.

(Photos : Caileigh Kyle)

We are excited to see what she creates next! In the meantime, check out her website!

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