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William Rast Show Screening On Jumbotron in Times Square

For those of you who missed the William Rast Fall/Winter 2010 Runway show - which streamed live at williamrast.com and Vevo.com Wednesday - and who happen to be in New York this weekend - you are in luck!

From today until Tuesday, the big Jumbotron in 1 Times Square, NYC will play the show four times a day for the public!

Times: It will run at 12:28pm, 3:28pm, 6:28pm and 9:28pm (EST) this Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Feb 23rd.

FYI: 1 Times Square is the same iconic place where the New Years Ball drops every year, so it's a great honor to have William Rast displayed up there this weekend.

So New Yorkers - grab a coffee, head to Times Square, and look up to the sky!

You'll see first-hand the denim, leather and military styles largely inspired by open roads in the USA, nomadic tendencies, biker gear, and Native American graphics.

Better yet, Tennman Records music artist, FreeSol, is rocking out in the background throughout the show.

Check it out!

PS If you are in Times Square NYC, take a picture or video of the screen, or of you or other spectators watching it or pointing at the jumbotron in Times Square, and send it to editorial@tennmandigital.com.

We'll post the best ones from you fans on JT.com!


(Photos Getty and FAY)

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