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Ooh La La, La Roux

Hey! Do you love the take-no-prisoners sass of Beth Ditto and Gossip? Of course you do. How about the tomboy-goes-fashion-forward aesthetics of M.I.A.? Hell yeah! Combine that with the chilly, head-winding electro like that of The Knife laced with head-bopping beats that could easily coerce Lady Gaga to just dance? That's a pretty provocative package, no?

 We mentioned this group a while back as part of a handful of kick-ass female rock-pop bursting out over the pond, "The Brit Invasion....in Heels." - but we think it's time the London duo La Roux (Elly Jackson on vocals and synths, plus production from Ben Langmaid) - got their own glory.

They stack 80's-inspired androgeny, 2010-era fem-power, and 70s-flared italo disco groove over top a hard-packed terra firma of addictive synth and bass- the stuff that makes club kids proud and radio announcers play on repeat. The cherry on top is Elly's gravity-defying hair. Presto! The decadent sundae otherwise known as La Roux.

Check out their latest, "Bulletproof."

"Bulletproof" was a big hit over in the UK last summer, and though it's taken America a little longer to catch on (it was first released here last August but has only hit the Billboard Top 40 in the last couple of months), La Roux are steadily making a name for themselves over here, as is evidenced by rising sales of their self-titled debut album (out now on Cherrytree Records). Needless to say, we're looking foward to seeing a lot more of them in the future.

PS Apparently, "La Roux" is French for "red-haired one"... We wonder what made them think of that...

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