03.10.10  /  General

Getting Fly With Kate Nash (Literally)

Once upon a time, air travel was a truly glamorous activity - flight attendants were "air hostesses" in fabulous outfits, no one had to take their shoes off and abandon their drinks at the airport for safety reasons, pilots all had impressive moustaches and in-flight dance routines were all the rage...

Okay, so we might be wrong about those last two, but today we're just enjoying fantasizing with feisty UK songstress Kate Nash's version of the hallowed days of flying, in her video for "Do Wah Doo":

"Everyone thinks she's a bit of alright"... Oh, how we love the British vernacular.

This is Kate's first new material since 2008's much-lauded (and platinum) Made Of Bricks album and we can't wait to get our hands on the next full-length, My Best Friend Is You, (out April 20 in the US, through Geffen), given how original, distinctive and witty her first was.

In the meantime, we'll just go on the hunt for a perfect little red hat and keep reading her very entertaining MySpace blog and Twitter updates.


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