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Exclusive Interview: The Band Princeton

In case you haven't heard of the indie rock band Princeton, it's made up of the twins, Jesse Kivel and Matt Kivel, keyboardist Ben Usen and drummer David Kitz, who all live together in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. Together, they craft shimmering, melodic, afro-beat-tinged indie rock - think Vampire Weekend (i.e. Paul Simon) meets Fleetfoxes. De-lovely. 

In the interview below, we chatted with the band about their most embarrassing jobs (hey, it's hard to be an indie musician these days...) and how their sound has evolved since their first EP was released early 2009. Sweet. Shy. A bit nerdy. 100% nice.

Without more ado:

To get an idea of their music, check out this video for Calypso Gold, modeled after old French films. (Hey, they cite one of their influences to be Serge Gainsbourg. Evidently Godard is as well.) You can also hear a bit of Girl from Impanema at the end, no?

Princeton 'Calypso Gold' from kay kanine on Vimeo.

BUZZ: Jesse from the band has teamed up with his girlfriend Zinzi to form a new band, Kisses, that is pretty much the complete musical opposite of KISS. In other words, Light, synth heavy, spacey prom-disco...Pretty swell.

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