09.08.10  /  General

Don’t Tell Gaga! Black Milk Unleashes Deadly Medley

Detroit MC/producer Black Milk mixes laid-back grooves with free flowing - and, in this case, angry as all hell - rhymes. It even includes one particular jab at Lady Gaga (who dare hits a LADY...especially THAT lady) However, the diss-tastic "Deadly Medley," also featuring Royce Da 5'9" and ELZhi is still worth a listen:

Hard to get mad at that, huh?

Black Milk's latest album, the precociously-titled Album Of The Year, is out September 14 through Fat Beats / Decon Records, and we're pretty damn excited about it. Just don't diss the Gaga again, dude! We can't take it!

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