04.24.10  /  General

Countdown: Two Days Like Tim Burton Exhibit Leaves Moma

The sign outside his exhibit during the first week of it being open

If you've seen any of Tim Burton's movies, most recently 3-D version of Alice in Wonderland, you know that that guy has a distinct aesthetic persona - a whole web of crazies in his imagination that he's not afraid to share with the rest of us straight-edgers.

Well, in similar form, The MOMA in NY has been boasting a timely career retrospective on the director of now classics like Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, and Batman Returns.

The Burton exhibit includes a gallery exhibition of his sculptures and other art - as well as a film series. But the reason we are telling you this is because THE EXHIBIT CLOSES MONDAY, APRIL 26th!!

So hustle there, New Yorkers. Don't be square!

Happy weekend :)


(Pictures by Paul Birman)

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