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Connecting The Missed Connections @ SXSW 2010

Now that SXSW is over, all that's left are fond memories, a must-download list and a few (perhaps alcohol-fueled) regrets. But the BEST remaining relic of SXSW by far? Austin Craiglist's post-sxsw Missed Connections.

Below are our epic favorites - complete with links.

It's a hilarious read, but our main goal is to help the dude with three names and a trumpet (or any one of the other priceless characters below) getloved/laid/feel less lonely.

So read, laugh, and pass along!


a trumpet and three first names - w4m

You had both. We met last night at Valhalla after the show. You liked my eyes. I liked your beard. We didn't exchange contact information, but I think we should have.


Neon Indian Keyboard Girl - m4w

You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

I love you.


To the girl that took my picture at the Pitchfork party - m4w - 29 (emo's)

Was it for being well dressed...or not well dressed? And where on the world wide internets am I going to find my portrait?


sxsw mis-conn-ect-ion - w4m - 26 (Emos; Friday)

We made eyes.... Maybe you remember me dancing during Memory Tapes. You were tall, sandy blond hair. I remember you.


Spazmatics- wed- st. patties day - w4m (Cedar street)

Apparently we had a good time or so my friends tell me. Sorry I lost you. I'm easily lost when drinking tequila. I was the (dark) blond girl dancing with you. bright pink shirt and jeans.


architect - m4w - 25 (emo's)

We talked unfortunately briefly waiting in line at Emo's, you kindly explained that we weren't cool enough to be in the wristband line ;)... which, of course, the door guy agreed with, so we had to keep roaming. Trade you a coffee for lessons on skyscrapers.


Major Lazer - m4w - 21 (SxSW - Mexican American Center)

Front row by the bass sub. I had long hair. All we did was dance and I can't stop thinking about you.


Sat. night SXSW at The Parish - Steel Train - m4w - 30 (Austin)

You were the grad student in social work and you sat down near the back next to me on those funky tilted benches. You talked about moving to Austin from Nebraska and being a Steel Train fan. I'm normally more talkative but it was the end of a long conference. I was the lawyer from Minnesota and I should've at least bought you a drink.


Sat night WideAwake concert at the Blind Pig - m4w (Blind Pig)

I was digging you, you were digging me. Then your date came back with your Lone Star--darnit. I had to leave to go catch another show. I was wearing glasses and the green cap. You had on your boots with fire on them. Can we meet somewhere so I can formally introduce myself?


Subrosa Union - SXSW Saturday night - m4w - 27 (Flamingo Cantina)

It a pretty good set despite the drunkies dancing on stage, but your smile stole the show for me. You were in a non-descript Fidel cap standing right at the rear edge of the stage with the long, braided ponytails that you eventually untied when you really started rocking out. I wish I could have found you after that show, but I had to go before the next band took the stage. We locked eyes a couple of times across the room, so let me know if it was just me, or maybe we really might have a missed connection. Include what I looked like that night...and don't worry--I have no expectations.



I saw you at a couple places - w4m (east side (just barely))

I saw you at a couple of free SXSW events, Thursday night and a day show Saturday. We've never met, but you had a cameo in my dream last night and it was very surreal seeing you today. Who are you?


Girl with white backpack Man or Astroman show - m4w - 30

You were pushing your way up to the front to the pseudo moshpit. You were cute, and you rocked out like a pro. Let's discuss Theremins and alternate futures.



Violet or Lavender? Fela Kuti - m4w - 22 (SXSW)

You're named after a flower..Either Lavender or Violet, which is a very appropriate name for you :) . Youve got short,curly pink/purplish hair and best of all you're a FELA KUTI fan!! I should've gotten your contact info, because you seem so cool. We need to jam out to some Fela some time.

If anyone has any leads on this please let me know. Thanks for reading! :) 



i should've asked your name at Bone Thugs... - 32 (Austin/Fader Fort)

whether or not you really play Bert and Ernie at home - flowing along to Thuggish Ruggish Bone with those bright blues was adorable.

I told you where i worked- we really are the best in town. hopefully i'll see you around.



rocking out! - m4m - 35 (STP Show)

Met you at the STP concert. You were cute hispanic, and I asked if your last name was something it wasn't. Wanted you to know I thought you were cute...don't know if you play this way, but I kinda thought you did. Send me an email and tell me something so I know it was you.

FULL DISCLOSURE: These photos have nothing to do with the actual Craiglists posts. We only wished they did....

Random SXSW shots: Faith-Ann Young

PS If this works, if you know someone who knows someone who may have been the people in Austin, or you wrote one of these posts, we wanna know! Or if you've ever actually made a missed connection happen, or gone on a missed connection date, email editorial@tennmandigital.com!

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