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Young Phenoms of Sports

First was the alleged dunk over Lebron, then a High School kid schools Philip Rivers, now a 14-year-old takes Serena Williams down. These stories all happened within the last two weeks... We don’t really get what’s going on but we have our theories and suspicions.

Our first thought was that after generations of eating Wheaties, it's finally starting to pay off. Then again, this could just be a new-fangled PR stunt that Nike has cooked up. After all, Lebron, Rivers, and Serena have all done Nike ads in the past, yes? Right...

In all seriousness, at a time when childhood obsesity is higher than ever (even Whole Foods is sponsoring an edurance fitness program for K-5th graders, called Marathon Kids, to combat childhood obesity,) these sports prodigy role models may be exactly what we need to get back on track (or at least to get the kids back on a track.)

Plus, how cute:


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