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Trend Watch: The Bowtie Is Back

Summer 2009 = the resurrection of the bowtie? At first, we saw them sporadically on the streets, mostly on the bespeckled and suited. Recently though, the neaty-bound neckware that has been growing musty in men's closets for years now (save for the occasional wedding)  is popping up left and right on impeccably-clothed and casual cool specimens.

Better yet? No longer are bowties relegated to pretentious, posh tuxes and dinner jackets or solely for the nerd-set; they are being paired with everything from designer duds to sportswear to skinny jeans. In other words, the bowtie is living down and dirty these days...just the way we like it.


This guy nails "downtown cool" on the dot, with his sliver of a bowtie, banging motorcycle boots, military shirt, cuffed, yet wickedly cut pants and streamlined shades. He's the equivalent of a flash of cool aircon on a 100 degree day: instantly invigorating.

Who said it always had to be in stripes and solids? Check out how this guy paired his funky retro bowtie with a printed shirt and golden aviators.

Bringing the gentleman's style to the streets with some flashy hi-tops, a Marilyn tee and a leather bomber jacket. Need we mention how his glasses give him just the right touch of geek chic.

Ain't she cute? Proving that a lady can break out a bowtie as well and still manage to look feminine and graceful, this female paired her tie with peacoat, tights and shooties. The result? A new type of schoolgirl charm.

Not to mention Acne Jeans has also reinvented to bowtie as well, debuting an enlarged, leather version in their Spring '10 Lookbook.

THE VERDICT? We say raid your grandpa's closet asap. Got any other stylish ideas hiding in yours?


Photo Cred: StreetPeeper and the Sartorialist



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