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If you’ve been following www.justintimberlake.com or Justin’s Twitter, you’ve probably heard the new buzz word: Robo.to or seen Justin’s 3-second videos (like the one on the right.) Since there has been a number of questions about the new application, here’s what it's all about:
Introducing Robo.to


WHAT IS ROBO.TO: Think of Robo.to as your personal robot on the web. The free program provides a visual snapshot of you ‘now’ -- via video, photo, and the feeds from your social networks.

VIDEO AVATARS: Enhancing the typical text status update, Robo.to offers instant video status updates. Robo.to captures 3-second mini-videos that show your friends how you REALLY feel - whether it's "happy" (http://robo.to/dgolev), "down" (http://robo.to/lindseybritner), or "???" (http://robo.to/mazzinator).

YOUR WEB IN ONE PLACE: Think of your Robo.to page as a digital reflection of you: personalized, bite-sized, easy-to-view and easy to share. Depending on how you personalize your settings, it pulls in your your most recent Flickr photos, Twitter status, your current location, etc..., all on one centralized homepage.

PARTICLE INC: Robo.to was built by San Francisco-based tech company, Particle Inc., which creates massively small (yet hopefully uber-fun) web and mobile applications that enhance how people interact and share information online. Justin is an investor in Particle.

CAN YOU GET A ROBO.TO? Since Robo.to is still just a baby, he’s still in alpha. We need you to come play with Robo.to and help him grow. Feel free to sign up for your own account here, check out Justin’s robo.to, and test out other products by Particle and let us know what you think as cool new features are being added daily.

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