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Here's a nugget of wicked, random design stuff. From bikes to poop bags. That's right, poop bags.




Beer Pouch. Suitable for car rides, sneaking breaks during sober family dinners, and even sipping on spaceships. Refillable (and hence eco-friendly) plus without metallic flavor. Comes in three sizes: 8 ounces, 16 ounces, and an aggressive 1.8 liter-sized pouch. Beer Pouch via dvice.



Asset 847


Pimp-your-wheels... Rebublic Bikes builds a single-speed bike based on your customized requests of bold color, etc..



Asset 848


"One Card for All Occasions Stamp." Evidence of the wit of Ji Lee, whose website (i.e. his take on Words As Images is bad-a**) and even his business card (the back of which includes a checklist you can fill out of where you met him and first impressions) is worth a good browse for creative inspiration or quick laugh.



Asset 844


Leather band-aids. They'll never call it a "boo-boo" again. Via Fab Sugar.


Asset 845

A high-class beach chair is no longer an oxymoron.The Uncle chair by Franz West. via Arkitip.



Asset 843


Dog's best friend: Olive Green Dog's biodegradable poop bags (made of GMO-free corn starch and vegetable oil) come in two sizes - Unisex (small) and Super Poop (large) and compost in as little as 40 days. via Just cool - adventure in design.



Asset 842


Pop's Stache. Stick on your soda and go. via likecool.com



Asset 851


15th hole in and 5th of scotch down. Three miles from the nearest bathroom. Quick solution?

"The UroClub allows you to inconspicuously urinate right on the fairway with what is essentially a hollowed-out 7-iron. It can hold up to a half liter of urine and the manufacturers claim it's leak proof." Thank you Gizmodo.