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Behind Every Great Man: The Player’s Wives Luncheon, JT Shriners Open

You know the phrase? "Behind every great man....is a great woman?" One of the least likely places you would think this phrase would ring true is on the PGA tour. But indeed, one trick to how the golfers endure the tough schedule and pressure of the tour is that they are able to bring their wives and families with them. (heck, there's even a tour day-care!) In fact, PGA wives are often just as integral a part of the tour as their husbands, despite rarely being on the green or in the spotlight. All tour, they tirelessly provide support for the players, care for their kids, and find familial harmony while on the road despite the tense conditions.


A photogenic bunch: the wives of the PGA tour Players (Photo by Faith-Ann Young Tennman Digital)

Ironically, it was another great woman, Lynn Harless- Justin's mother, who recognized this fact (after all, she knows a thing or two about keeping a family together despite being on the road,) and decided to celebrate it. Each year during JT Shriners Open week, she honors the wives of the PGA tour players golfing at JT Shriners Open, by hosting a Players' Wives Luncheon.

Bobbie Thomas & Lynn Harless at the Player's Wives Luncheon (Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

Held this year inside the Las Vegas Design Center, a futuristic, architecturally-innovative building, this year's (the second annual) event featured a scavenger's hunt, a scrumptious buffet of Petit fours, avocado crusted scallops, seared black tiger shrimp diablo, caprese on a skewer, sweetly concocted 901 drinks, and a performance by the male acapella group Mosaic.

Added bonus? Wives received Ful gift bags fully stocked with Givenchy make-up, a crystal Mirimichi wine stopper, (you can buy one yourself here), and beauty supplies from the Skin Rejuvenation Center amongst other goodies.

Justin meanwhile showed support for his mother and the wives by stopping by, making a speech, chatting and posing for photos, and giving his mother a big, well-deserved hug.

"We want to make this one of the biggest parts of the week," said Justin.


At this brunch, the wives had their cake and ate it too. (Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

On the chase: the scavenger hunt: (Photo by Vivianne LaPointe/Tennman Digital)

The winning team in front of the World Market Center/Design Center in Las Vegas (Photos by Vivianne LaPointe/Tennman Digital)

The Winning team of the scavenger hunt pose with victorious smiles. (Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

Justin addressing the crowd. (Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)


The girls signing a few lines to the crowd as part of the fun and games.(Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

Lynn and Justin with Janet Harris of LA's Skin Rejuvenation Center.(Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

The women gathering to watch the singing troupe. (Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

The band Mosaic performing. (Photo by Faith-Ann Young/Tennman Digital)

Lynn and her son, Justin (Photo by Robyn Andrzejczak / PictureGroup)




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